Metania Runner: Support your character on this space journey in the Metania universe and overcome all obstacles by collecting points and avoiding aliens in order to scare your enemies. You can access our game via any browser and start this journey by purchasing an NFT character suitable for you. You can try our game on the demo model or make a direct payment with Metania Games token to access the full version.

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Enjoy the competition and fun in the games we created for "play to earn".

The Metania universe is growing every day! Our third game, which is integrated with NFT and includes an innovative play-to-earn system exclusive to Metania warriors collection owners, is now available! You can have fun with your friends by downloading our M-War and M-Galaxy games from Google Play. Metania Runner is the new name of this adventure! Our third game with NFT integration is now available for you to have fun and earn money every week.

We look forward to you trying and experiencing the unique gameplay and rewards offered by our play-to-earn system in all three games. Don't forget to follow us for new games and earning systems. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy our games!

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Metania Runner

Avoid aliens in the Metania universe and try to achieve the highest score to take advantage of the rewards 🏆

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