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Buy Games The wallet to which you will send metaniagames tokens to purchase game rights
20 entries
50 entries
100 entries

Transaction Hash



Week 2
Number Wallet Score
1 0x010B652e635b5b1BA1ac6305b2394fdDE560D603 262655
2 0x3cBAF8464c45e803D64b556674aD779D659d94dd 247772
3 0xBECa1882B4bEC70cb7bc0F93bd04FdEae4c2cFe6 212400
4 0xfE28cFf61a31C884dcb2c8F4BDF1bAC048eB6ADA 117594
5 0x4fA76258cE02bcc7D5b0D8eA3F431947C476e940 45842


How to Earn MetaniaRunner

To embark on your adventure, first enter our web-based NFT integrated game at

If you have an NFT from the Warriors of Metania collection, you can start the game by continuing from step 4 by using your 20 rights per day.

If you do not have an NFT from a Warriors of Metania collection, your game rights will be defined in your wallet address after you do what you need to do in the buy game rights section with the instructions. And you are ready to play!

"Connect your wallet to play the game" warning will appear on the next screen.

You can match your wallet address by clicking the "Connect Metamask" button.

Now you are ready to play the game! Click the "Start" button and you can start controlling your character.

Our goal is to use our skills to avoid many obstacles and aliens that we encounter on the way.

It is also very important to collect Metania tokens on this journey. You can step into the P2E world with the coins you collect.

Game Rules
You need to log in to the game from your BEP20 wallet address and Metamask should be used.
If a cheater is detected in the game, the wallet will be banned directly! He cannot enjoy any rights. If he has NFT, the NFT game obstacle is also added.
It is a single player Web3.0 game. 2 people cannot be played together.
It is played by using the Right - Left arrow keys, Up-Down arrow keys and Space key.
You can die and respawn at most 2 times and continue the game.
In the purchase of game rights with tokens, no wallet other than the transferred wallet can be written. Rights cannot be transferred to another wallet.
Winning wallets will be taken from the high score section at 23:00 UTC+ 3 every Sunday.
The prizes of the winners are transferred from the prize wallet as Metania Games tokens every Monday at 11:00 UTC + 3.
Highest scorer of the week wins 1. $250, 2. $150, 3. $100, 4-10 $50 Metania Games token prize.